EMR Stylus List

I was looking for a nicer stylus for my Boox Note 3, so went down the rabbit hole of digitizer compatibility. Boox use Wacom EMR so as of early 2023 here’s the list of EMR styluses that I’ve been able to find. In theory they’re all compatible but nothing has been tested.

Sold with a device:

  • Boox
  • reMarkable
  • Ratta Supernote (a refill is available to make any normal pen into an EMR stylus, but it uses their ceramic tip which may damage other screens)
  • Fujitsu Quaderno (gen 2 only)
  • Samsung S-Pen
  • Likebook (probably the same as the Quaderno)
  • Kindle Scribe
  • HP x360 Pen (some variants?)
  • Wacom Feel It and compatible styluses
  • Wacom One (and probably any Wacom pen sold as EMR compatible. One By Wacom and Intuous seem not to be compatible)

3rd party:

Miscellaneous, available in Japan:

Old-style EMR, not so great on current devices:

  • Thinkpad Tablet (older, X60T and X200T era - current models are Wacom AES.) Some models available with an unusual red point.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro (Pro and Pro 2 only - After that is all N-Trig)
  • Sony DPT-S1, stylus is DPTA-P1. I quite like the design. Possibly 256 levels of touch sensitivity.

The cheapest options are the off-brand S-pens. I believe the heaviest are the Supernote Heart of Metal pens.

As a rough compatibility guide:

  • Anything that takes batteries or is rechargeable is probably not EMR (some Samsung S-Pens use batteries for bluetooth only)
  • N-Trig, MPP, USI, Wacom AES, Apple Pencil are not compatible
  • Whether or not erasers and buttons works depends on the device
  • Only the pencil-type styluses (Staedtler, Hi-uni) use different tips - most everything else is standard Wacom ProPen 2 compatible
  • Old EMR works with modern EMR but the stylus offset will probably be wrong and it might not behave. The border is kind of hard to tell but old pens seem to use straight nibs where the widest point of the tip continues all the way to the back; newer designs have a very thing stalk out of the back of the tip.

Update 2023-03-16: The Al-Star EMR head doesn’t seem to be compatible with Safari bodies.
Update 2023-06-20: Split out old EMR list