DT Swiss Axle adapters

I bought DT Swiss XR1501 Spline One wheels and wanted to convert the front to 12mm thru-axle. The official compatibility list (‘conversion’ tab) only shows QR and 15mm TA. Listed compatible adapters are HWGXXX00S6318S (QR) and HWGXXX0009102S (15mm TA). DT Swiss hubs are mostly shared between road and MTB so most combinations should exist, even if they’re hard to figure out.

Using the 2017 DT Swiss Tech Book the adapter ID shows up in the MTB list (don’t care, list doesn’t include 12mm TA) and for the road setups as a part for 180 hubs. The same QR adapter is used for the road RR 21 DICUT db (leftmost column), and the matching 12mm adapter for those wheels is HWGXXX00S7564S. That’s the part I bought and have been using.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to reverse search by adapter code on the DT Swiss website so if you can’t find a suitable tech book, good luck. Scraping the DT Swiss database to generate a complete compatibility list should be possible…….