Hiby R3 fixed sort order

I meant to update the R3 Pro 1.6 firmware but never got around to it and now 1.7 is out. The VOROIS issue seems to be fixed in the original version so this now only fixes the sort collation and adds a more recent adb.

1.7 firmware: https://mega.nz/file/j94QQQgD#WBJ4Up6jS-gxIJVQcm_nX2t8DEwMWQYYcdyiU2TefT4 1.7 with album shuffle: https://mega.nz/file/ah4SWAra#v4rBCvwkaFh1_vEskxeX0IPomSgjzA3EiGZTwMAjnUw

Update with the same procedure as the original firmware - drop the file in the SD card root as r3pro.upt.

The album shuffle version hijacks the Genre menu. Selecting any genre returns a list of 3 random albums instead.

As a bonus, if you want to update the player without going through the menus (or a firmware install went bad) you can boot directly into the updater by holding volume up while pressing power on. Hold volume up until the update appears, then release and the update should start.

Tools to unpack and repack the firmware are now on github.