Hiby R3 fixed sort order

For general stuff about the firmware and this issue see the Hiby R3 page. This is a modified version of the R3 Pro/Pro Saber firmware that fixes the sort order of the album/artist/genre lists for some collations. It also adds adb support (set the player to USB dock mode).

I thought I fixed the misspelt VORBIS (looks like VOROIS) but it’s not working; not sure what happened there.

Be aware:

  • This is based on the 1.5 firmware (Apparently there are no regional differences this time)
  • This is for the Hiby R3 Pro and Hiby R3 Pro Saber. I haven’t tested the Saber but the firmware is the same. This is not for the older R3.
  • I can’t help you if this bricks your player. I have ideas, but haven’t tried anything yet.

Update procedure is the same as original firmware (stick it on an SD card as r3pro.upt) https://mega.nz/file/6l4yRaCT#BVrmn0ZlwyvmKX-LlPccTQWMqJPCkeQFo-OryTJkU2A

2022-02-06 update: Did this ever actually work…? I got a report that the update failed.